The CSO landscape

On Healthy and Sustainable Diets in Europe

Between July and November 2021, Healthy Food, Healthy Planet commissioned the Hour is Late, a UK-based philanthrophy consultancy to survey the landscape in Europe of civil society organisations (CSOs) working on healthy and sustainable diets. The survey was sent to 228 CSOs in France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands & UK, plus pan-European networks and the EU policy offices of international NGOs. 104 responses were received, meaning a response rate of 45%. The survey, with questions from food system campaigners, provides a detailed window into the perspectives, priorities and visions of CSOs working in this space. Whether focusing on public health or animal welfare, rural development or the climate, and often joining the dots in between, these organisations offer a plurality of visions, voices and understandings of the food landscapes, and how we might best nourish it in more sustainable, equitable and nutritious ways.

On this page, we are sharing the results of the survey in three parts:
1. A slide deck summarising the key findings (downloadable as a PDF).
2. A qualitative summary or anthology of voices, showing the breadth and depth of CSOs in Europe (downloadable as PDF).
3. A conversation with the consultants of the Hour is Late, reflecting on some of the survey learnings.

Together these documents provide a fantastic summary, snapshot and reflection of the CSO survey.

The anonymised data sets are available upon request. We are also open to customising and sharing the data to country-based networks and other interested parties. Please contact us via