Attributes of successful campaigns in the Food Sector in Europe

HFHP commissioned the Advocacy Hub in late 2020 to carry out a case study-based review of European campaigning on food to support the development of future campaigning for “less and better meat” through identifying generalisable ‘attributes’ that such campaigning ought to try to foster.

Campaigns looked at include Oxfam campaigns on food supply chains and food workers’ rights; Fair Trade campaigns including work on milk in France; efforts such as Veganuary to get people and organisations to try veganism; the Slow Meat aspect of the Slow Food movement which seeks to protect food cultures and traditions; a UK campaign with disadvantaged children to develop a food charter, and other work on ‘holiday hunger’ in the COVID pandemic; Greenpeace campaigning in France on meat and school meals; initiatives in Germany and elsewhere for a ‘meat tax’; EU campaigning on fisheries and the Common Agricultural Policy; and plastics campaigning as an analogous model from a related field.

On this page you can find three documents relating to this study: an overall summary of the study, the presentation the researchers did and the full report.