Host Organisation

Terms of Reference

Summary of Opportunity and Scope of Work

The goal of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to identify potential candidates for a European host organisation that could serve as the Healthy Food, Healthy Planet’s institutional home.

Location of Work

Europe – remote


The host organisation will provide support services to the implementing secretariat of the Healthy Food, Healthy Planet Initiative, including:

  • Human resource functions. The host organisation will provide HR functions to the Healthy Food, Healthy Planet initiative by managing contracts with the staff and contractors on the project and contributing to evaluation of project staff performance, in partnership with project funders.
  • Finance. The host organisation will provide financial support by hosting and managing contractors on the project, including invoicing and payments for all contractors. It will also make and maintain program budgets related to staff support.
  • IT infrastructure. The host organisation will provide IT infrastructure to initiative staff, including cloud facilities for document storage, email addresses for initiative staff if required, website support, and other technical support. It will store all of the data of the Secretariat. This will include a system that provides access to Salesforce or an equivalent database to provide GDPR compliant facilities to house data on organisations and contacts of the Initiative. This system will support the communications capacities of the HFHP (i.e., an email listserv). The host organisation will host the HFHP website.
  • Office or meeting space. The host organisation may be required to provide office or meeting space to staff or contractors working for HFHP.
  • Insurance. The host organisation will be responsible for providing insurance to the initiative to cover IT services if provided, travel insurance for staff, and insurance for any physical infrastructure.
  • Legal. The host organisation will ensure legal compliance with all of the HFHP’s activities, including compliance with employment, health and safety, GDPR and other privacy policies. It will serve as the legal organisational host for the initiative, because HFHP will not have its own legal organisational status at this time.


The host organisation’s contract will be with the ClimateWorks Foundation. The initial contract will extend for twelve months, beginning in October 2021, with the expectation that this will be a long-term relationship with opportunity for renewal in fall 2022, dependent on ongoing funding and performance.

Evaluation Criteria

We will consider the following qualifications in evaluating Expressions of Interest to determine potential host organisations:

  • Experience hosting external initiatives that maintain their own distinct identity while being housed under an overarching institution
  • Experience hosting and managing contractors
  • Experience working on issues relevant to the Healthy Food, Healthy Planet Initiative, including climate, biodiversity, food systems, food justice, labor justice, animal welfare and health, with a preference for human health and nutrition-related experience
  • HR functions to support contractors and subcontractors
  • IT support to provide cloud storage, web conferencing accounts, and other supportive IT infrastructure to hired contractors
  • Experience with legal compliance with relevant European rules and regulations, such as GDPR
  • Connections to relevant CSOs and funders in topic areas relevant to the HFHP Initiative
  • The option of physical office or meeting space.
    Instructions for Submitting an Expression of Interest
    We are undertaking a two-step process to identify a host organisation. First, we are requesting Expressions of Interest from interested organisations. Based on these results, we will invite finalists to a round of interviews to select a final candidate, at which point we will award a contract.

Interested parties should submit an Expression of Interest by 27 September 2021 to Please title your email “Organisation Name – Host Organisation EOI.”

The EOI should be approximately 3-5 pages in length. Please include the following items:

  • Full organisation name and contact information
  • Relevant skills and expertise to fulfill the goals of the HFHP host organisation
  • Ability to support the anticipated activities
  • A budget estimate for the anticipated activities
  • Attach the three most recent annual reports and accounts for the organisation