Frequently Asked Questions

What is this forum about?

This intersectional, interactive forum will bring together civil society organisations and funders from across Europe who believe that in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, we need a transformative shift in the way we produce and consume animal-source foods.

Who is this forum for?

This forum is for civil society organisations, funders, experts, and scholars who are invested in transforming food systems to be healthier, more sustainable, and more just. We have invited representatives from diverse geographies and perspectives across Europe focused on labour rights, animal rights, health, nutrition, environment and rural livelihoods, food sovereignty, and beyond. Practitioners with expertise in campaigning, finance, communications, policy, research, and beyond will join the discussion and serve as speakers.

Can we share the invitation?

You are welcome to share the invitation to this forum to your networks of colleagues working on interrelated food systems issues. There is no level of expertise or seniority required to participate, just a commitment to transforming global and European food systems. As the different interactive forum sessions build on each other, we encourage everyone to join the entire journey of the 2 days.

What are the next steps for the Healthy Food, Healthy Planet Initiative? Will there be additional meetings after this forum?

The Healthy Food, Healthy Planet Initiative (HFHP) is wrapping up an initial co-creation phase with funders and civil society organisations across Europe. This initial phase has helped to build the movement and will also produce a strategic framework that can form the basis for further philanthropic investments to advance healthy food. Starting this summer, HFHP will begin a new phase, continuing to co-create strategy through further convenings and through learning by doing. We will keep you informed of the next steps for the HFHP via email, using the address you provide to us with your registration.

How do I join the movement?

The Healthy Food, Healthy Planet initiative aims to build and support a movement that is co-created and owned by diverse organisations and sectors, including you. If you are committed to this work, you’re already part of the movement. Please stay in touch with us and we will keep you updated as the initiative evolves after the event.

What are the outputs of the forum?

During the sessions we will have a visual scribe, recording the main ideas live. Furthermore we will record all plenary sessions with keynote speakers and make the recordings available after the forum together with the drawings and presentations. We will share these materials on the password-protected portion of the website for confirmed participants after the forum is over the outputs from the conference and the workshops we have already held will inform a strategic framework that funders can invest in.

Who is funding Healthy Food, Healthy Planet and this forum?

Please see the About Us page for a synopsis of organizations who have been involved in the HFHP so far.

Do I need to prepare anything in advance?

We would love for you to come prepared with one slide/website/video or other item that visualises your work to share with other participants during the forum. Apart from that you do not need to prepare anything in advance. Please come prepared to listen, learn, and participate fully in discussions and interactive sessions. This is an interactive forum, not a webinar-style conference, so we ask that you come ready to participate.

Do I need to download anything to attend?

If you can’t find what you are looking for in these FAQs, then please submit questions with your conference registration or contact us at info@healthyfoodandplanet.org

How can I learn more about the HFHP and this forum?

We will be using Zoom as the video platform and Mural as an interactive whiteboard for our forum. Please ensure that you have the latest Zoom version installed. You can download Zoom here.

You don’t have to download anything for Mural but to use it you need to join us from a computer rather than a phone or tablet. ​

What happens after I register?

Once your registration is confirmed, we will contact you with the password for the website, where you can find the Zoom links to all sessions. You will not be automatically registered until we confirm.

Do I have to attend all of the sessions?

All the sessions will build on each other and we would love for you to join us throughout the whole journey. If you need to hop in and out we encourage you to stay for whole sessions rather than joining in the middle of sessions.