Coordination Team

Chief Weaver / Director

Marinke is a creative change catalyst with over 25 years’ experience in advocating for social justice. She has led movements such as Publish What You Pay, an a-la-carte campaign for transparency and accountability in the gas, oil and mining industry worldwide. The last five+ years she was the inaugural leader of Voice, a spicy grant facility serving the ingredients Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, inspired by the principle of NOthing about Us Without Us (or NOW-Us!). These combined gastronomic experiences led to a profound and transformative reflection into where Marinke belongs, wanting to be part of the solution (rather than problem) on her home soil. The unique opportunity to further brew and cook up Healthy Food, Healthy Planet, as the Pan-European movement for civil society groups and funders demanding just, equitable and healthy food environments provides just that.

Fund Manager

As of the end of May, Giulia Laganà is the fund manager of the Pooled Fund within Healthy Food, Healthy Planet.

Prior to this, Giulia led the Open Society European Policy Institute’s analysis and advocacy on EU policies on migration, labour rights and agri-food systems from December 2016 through May 2022. From 2013-2016, Laganà was a senior adviser on migration, asylum, the E.U.and international affairs to the president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies in Rome. She spent four years with the United Nations, working for UNHCR and UNDP in Italy and Brussels, with frequent travel to Africa.

Will you be our first Programme Officer?

We currently are seeking our first Programme Officer, who will be the linchpin between the Pooled Fund and the CSO movement and will support both team members as well as cross-pollinate wider constituencies. Read more!