Where we want to go!

Imagine a natural, exciting and dynamic beehive, uniting the islands (or rather honeycombs) of excellence built by a huge diverse set of bees! They are all in service of nourishing and bolstering that one queen: the ultimate change goals as set in the HFHP strategic framework.

Until we decide together on a better title for our strategy during the Caravan (see below), we are proposing Feed our Future as a working title.

Around it you can see six different constituencies – all equal in size and weight representing the honeycombs of excellence. At times a constituency may need their own collaborative space, at other times they need to be joined up! But how and when, all still needs to be worked out and for which we will be organising the Bike of Bees Caravan early September (see below). But the foundation is this: we need each other and our collective power to tackle the challenges ahead of us!

What do we have and need?

What do we have refers to where we are after two years, recognising our collective efforts thus far. Considering we are in the aftermath of a global pandemic and a permanent team is still in the making, we should be proud of ourselves. We have the basic seeds such as a co-created Strategic Framework, a Funder Steering Committee, a core group of civil society organisations, 2.7 million Euro in funds and a couple of significant pieces of research. And all of it, done virtually!

What do we need refers to what we need to develop in the coming months: operationalising the strategy (indicated by from Feed to Feeding our Future), a dynamic way of working together based on a movement of movements approach, a lever taxonomy (referring to the 6 priorities in the strategy and what we do with them) and more investments in engagement and belonging.

Plus significant MORE funds in order to do the work!

Foundational honeycombs

Foundational honeycombs refer to the building blocks that are needed in order for the total beehive to thrive.

The green honeycombs refer to the learning approach we have adopted as a core value and way of working. To develop this further, we are proposing a collaboration between the first set of funded partners from the Learning by Doing Request for Proposals (issued in December 2021) combined with the four key CSO partners that already received a small grant to engage further with the health sector.

The blue honeycombs will be built during the Caravan (see below) and for which preparatory work is ongoing. We need to find good ways of working together (governance) within and across the various constituencies and are exploring a holacratic or self-organising approach. We are also working on creative engagement and amplification, whereby we constantly aim to uplift thus-far-unheard voices to provide a new perspective.

The Bike of Bees Caravan

A big part of the work and activities mentioned above will culminate in the HFHP Bike of Bees Caravan to be organised from 4-8 September (including two travel days), most likely hosted by local groups in Berlin.

The overall goal is that a diverse group of 15 to 20 participating bees will help us define the identity of the movement and design how people want to collaborate, our key campaigning priorities and messages, and what spaces need to be co-created to work together and hold each other accountable. A Call for Participation can be found at the bottom of this page!

The below visual refers to kind of bold and boisterous leadership and values we need. It is taken from the manifesto of Next Gen(d)eration Leaders, a new initiative for feminist leadership to transform our food system. During the Caravan we will be exploring this further.

Join the Bike of Bees Caravan!

Read more on how to apply to be part of the HFHP beehive building power!

Did you know that the collective noun for Bees is a Bike of Bees? Picture a swarm of bees flying in bicycle formation, but the actual reason is that the word “bike” is an old English word meaning a colony, nest, or swarm.

And now imagine an actual Bike of Bees in Berlin to help build the HFHP beehive! From 4-8 September 2022 we are organising an HFHP Caravan with one ambitious goal: